Membership renewal period is initiated from the 1st April of each year.

Please complete your membership form and submit to An invoice will then be provided to you for your Membership, Joining and Affiliation Fees.

Payment will be required within 7 days of invoice in order to activate your membership. Once paid, you will be added to the Honeydew Social WhatsApp group and will receive communication from the Club via our regular newsletters.

1) Annual Honeydew Tennis Club Membership Fees payable in advance:

2) Joining fee of R150 is levied.

3) 2016 Tennis South Africa (TSA) and Gauteng Central Tennis Association (GCTA) Affiliation Fees:

  • TSA Base Registration: R30
  • TSA League Player Registration: R220
  • GCTA League Player Registration: R190
  • GCTA Social Member: R80
  • TSA Coach: R0
  • GCTA Coach League Player Registration: R190
  • GCTA Coach Social Member: R80


Name: Honeydew Tennis Club
Account No: 9210472856
Branch Code: 632005
Ref: Your name

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