The SteveJobsSchool concept was found in 2013 and more than 50 SteveJobsSchools opened over the past 3 years. The School has been called the ‘School of the future’ by many educational experts and was also named as one of the 13 most Innovative Schools in the World by TechInsider Magazine in October 2015.

The first two SteveJobsSchools in Africa, both opened in January 2016 and one is situated at the Honeydew Country Club, 1 Boundary Rd, Sundowner. Info Line tel: 0860 200007

One of the key features of the Schooling system is that every child has an ipad with his own Independent Development Plan. This specialised plan is based on his learning style, interests and own choices. Learning happens in many ways including digitally with special adaptive programs that automatically adjusts to the child’s level and progress is tracked and monitored with analytics and diagnostics.

At the SteveJobsSchools there are no official Grade classes as every child has
Children are all part of a Core Group of about 16-20 children and start the day with their Core Teacher who is responsible for their well-being, monitors their development and reports back to the parents.

The School is divided in different studios such as the Math Lab, the Language Lab, the Art studio, the World Studio, the BusinessPlace and the Discovery Centre. Daily workshops are offered in all of the studios and children choose workshops to attend each day, based on their development plan, learning goals and learning pathway.

Every 6-8 weeks the child, Core teacher and Parent have a meeting to discuss progress and set new learning goals for the next 6-8 weeks. Math and Language learning is compulsory and the child schedules sessions on a daily basis. During the Child/Parent/Teacher meeting the child also chooses a major assignment and a number of shorter projects to work on during the period, depending on age, capability and his/her Independent Development Plan and goals. At the end of the period the child does presentations on what was learned and is assessed by the different subject teachers, language coach etc.

Math and Language learning are offered through web based programs and is further supported with specialised workshops. The Core and Subject teachers monitors the children in their Core Group as well as children who are doing assignments or projects in their subject area. Learning via the iPad is tracked via diagnostics and analytics and teachers are able to recognise that a child needs assistance in real time. Children who are progressing at a acceptable rate, (based on their own Independent Development Plan and goals) continue on their self guided discovery and learning, while coaches provide one on one assistance to children in areas where they need it. All children are constantly monitored by their teachers and even parents can log into their childs' profile at any time to check progress.

Presentations are fun and children can be creative and choose how they will present their assignment/research to the coach/class - for example - lets say the learners chose to do research on interesting historical figures. It can be:
An artists - Learners can study his style of art and they can present what they have learned in the form of an artwork with a write-up of his influences, the period in which he lived etc.)
A playwright - e.g. Shakespeare where they can dress up as Shakespeare and read some of his work to the class, with a write up about his influences, time period etc. Or make little video of performance for Learners portfolio.
An inventor - build a basic invention as you inventor did and explain the process to the class
Any other historical figure - Do an animation on animation App on iPad and bring him to life with music of that time etc.

Coaches use the above presentations of the Learners to assess their learning and performance. All goes onto the child's portfolio as proof of work done and level child is operating on.

Our main goal is to create schools where we do not only implement the iPad system and track children’s development effectively but also become a school where everybody feels happy - including staff, support staff, parents and especially children. We believe everybody performs better when they are happy and enthusiastic and have choice.

We want our learners to be hands-on. We want them to build things, break things down, get dirty, get wet, plant things, grow things, harvest things, sell things, laugh, play run, learn and have fun. Parents help by offering workshops, help build go-carts, little towns, play equipment etc.

Part of the daily choices children have includes sport and physical development activities, art, a veggie patch and our BusinessPlace where they can start their own ‘real’ little businesses that the school and community aim to support.

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